After Loss

Hope for Widows, Widowers, and Partners

With After Loss, Linda Donovan provides a compassionate approach to help people rebuild their lives while tending to their grief. Linda has experienced grief as a widow who lost her husband to cancer and through the sudden death of her father. She offers deep insight from her perspective as a grief-support volunteer for hospice, where she has helped countless widows, widowers, partners, and their families get back on their feet.

Linda shares how you can work through your grief while focusing on ways to become “unstuck” and move forward at a comfortable pace. Through her own personal experience, stories, tips, best practices, goal-setting and creative exercises, she lays out a road map to assist you in adjusting to your new life.

This book is for anyone who has lost a spouse or partner, particularly if that loss occurred a year ago or more. It explores how to handle the seemingly unrelenting financial, emotional, legal, physical, and logistical obstacles you might face. You’ll discover how to take control, cope with emotional triggers, deal with family dynamics, feel better over time, and navigate your way through new experiences.